Yahoo-backed alliance to open web library


Jay writes "The Business Week Online (Oct 3rd, 2005) reports a new and interesting development by Yahoo to provide copyrighted material on the web.

"Internet powerhouse Yahoo Inc. is setting out to build a vast online library of copyrighted books that pleases publishers -- something rival Google Inc. hasn't been able to achieve.

The Open Content Alliance, a project that Yahoo is backing with several other partners, plans to provide digital versions of books, academic papers, video and audio. Much of the material will consist of copyrighted material voluntarily submitted by publishers and authors, said David Mandelbrot, Yahoo's vice president of search content."

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Yahoo-backed alliance to open web library."

Anonymous Patron writes "Yahoo has unveiled a new project to digitize books in the public domain. The company is partnering with the newly formed Open Content Alliance, which aims to offer PDF documents of books to the public at no charge.
VU Net, ZD Net, The Inquirer, And Many More."

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