Today's librarians challenging stereotypes


The Associated Press looks at us new librarians, we're apparently not "your parents' librarians."
They cover all the usual suspects, and say the changing perceptions may be attracting more people to the profession. Enrollments in accredited Library and Information Science degree programs have climbed from 18,901 in 1997 to 26,521 in 2003, according to the American Library Association. There are about 137,000 librarians in the United States.


Changing stereotypes or perceptions of librarians may well have an important influence on this increase, but clearly the lion's share of the reason is that the ALA and library schools continue to promulgate this nonsense regarding a 'shortage' of librarians, suggesting easy employment opportunities for new MLSs. Sadly, anyone who's actually had to seek library employment since 2001 simply knows far better.

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