How many librarians does it take......?


Whoa!! Two humor pieces in a row! A friend (thanks Denise) sent me this story from Yahoo a few days ago, but I forgot to post it here. It seems that a library in the UK had to close for a bit while they changed some 300 lightbulbs. I guess we now know the answer to that long asked question.\"The answer is five days and a team of electricians if the bulbs that need changing happen to be in Peckham Library.

The question which has amused generations of schoolchildren and adults alike has finally been answered by Southwark council. It has closed the £4.5 million library - which opened last May - while its 300 light bulbs are replaced by a team of four workers.\"

\"The position of the bulbs has turned what should be a simple task into a gargantuan exercise with the setting up of tall platforms to access the lights and the removal and replacement of books, shelves and displays.\"

\"Jonathan Morgan, a Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Camberwell and Peckham, said: \"This means every six to seven months the building will be forced to close whilst staff remove the books, workmen move the shelves and erect the tower platforms and electricians come in to unscrew and replace the light bulbs.\" Southwark council says that the bulbs, which last 3,000 hours each, have expired sooner than expected because the library is open late in the evening and seven days a week.\"

\"A council spokeswoman said: \"Given the length of time the long-life bulbs have been in use - from long before the library opened - they have started to fail over the last few weeks.\"

\"It was felt sensible to replace all the bulbs at the same time as it involves the erection of several towers and moving shelves, furniture and so on.\"

\"As the library is open for long hours over a seven-day week, it is impossible to carry out maintenance without some closure.\"

\"The council has been strongly advised that for health and safety, and insurance reasons the public and staff must be kept completely clear of the work.\" However, the leader of Southwark council, Stephanie Elsy, is furious and has demanded an investigation into who ordered the closure.\"

\"Ms Elsy was not aware that the library was shut until she arrived there to meet a colleague on Monday. She said: \"It is absolutely ridiculous that a public building which people rely on has to close for light bulb replacement.\"

\"This has been mismanaged - the work should have been phased in or carried out at night and this will not happen again.\"

\"Not only is the light bulb affair a major embarrassment for the Labour-run council which owns the landmark, but also for Will Alsop, the architect who created it.\"

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