Shhhh...don\'t you know this is a bar


I put this one from the National Post in the humor category, because it put a smile on my face. There is a bar in Toronto called the Munster Hall Pub where talking is not allowed for two hours on Sundays because they watch a British Soap Opera. It\'s pretty ironic that libraries are getting more and more loud and pubs/bars are getting quiet.\"No one does talk, or even whispers, during the show. It\'s like being in a library. \'\'It is strange,\'\' says Mr. Hamilton. \'\'But in my family -- there\'s eight of us -- you just know not to call during Coronation Street.\"

\"The Munster Hall Pub, on Queen Street West, is possibly the only bar in Toronto where you\'ll be shushed if you dare speak to friends over pints of beer. Talking, at least on Sundays between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., is forbidden.\"

\'\'Yes, we air Coronation Street every Sunday. We\'ve been doing it for three years now,\'\' says Susan Chin, the pub\'s co-owner, to a customer who phoned at 1:30 p.m. \'\'You better get down here fast.\"

\"After she hangs up, Ms. Chin says, \'\'All of our calls are about Coronation Street. All of them. You\'d think customers were calling about the first man to walk the moon they\'re so excited.\"

\"Yesterday, the 75-person pub was virtually full for the airing of the British soap opera, which runs on CBC TV weekdays at 3 p.m., with two hours of repeats on Sunday mornings.\"

\'\'People like to sleep in on Sundays after staying out Saturday night,\'\' says John Hamilton, a Munster co-owner who came up with the idea of airing Coronation Street. He tapes the shows on his VCR and brings them to the pub. \'\'I\'ve watched the show religiously from day one, since 1960.\"

\"I figured if I had to work Sundays, well, there was no way I was missing Coronation Street. So I started airing it, and customers loved it.\"

\"He bought the bar\'s 52-inch- screen Panasonic television specifically for the Sunday showings. \'\'When I used to watch the show I would gasp for a beer. I\'d subconsciously be dying for a pint. You\'d watch all the characters meet at the Rovers Inn Pub and you\'d want to be there. That\'s one reason people come here. But the show really is addictive. We\'ve had people crying in here, including men, when two of the characters died.

\"Yesterday, customers sat drinking pints of Boddingtons and Newcastle Brown Ale, eating English-style pub foods, including fish and chips. On a ledge in the bar are piles of British newspapers and magazines. On a wall is a Coronation Street calender, and autographed pictures of the stars.\"

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