CNET's 10 Worst Products Of The Decade

We gave you the list of the 10 best products of the decade. Now they say they had more fun picking the top 10 worst products of the decade. They've seen their fill of disappointing products, but the following are our 10 favorite flops. Miracle of miracles, some of them are even still around today for your purchase. Darn that indomitable spirit of capitalism--you can't stop it!


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I was wondering what the heck that thing was...

A CUECAT! That's what that kitty shaped thing is on one of the librarian's desks! He has it poised over his mouse like it's going to kill it...

It was mailed to him by the Cuecat people, a freebie, hoping he would buy into it. Now it's just a big, geeky, librarian desk toy.

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