New bookstore caters to young readers


New bookstore caters to young readers covers Paula McDonalds retirement. During her 20-year career as a school librarian with the Chico Unified School District and later at Rancho Bernardo High School, McDonald built many libraries from scratch, carefully selecting each book that would be placed on the shelf for young readers to discover. Although she has retired from her library career, McDonald's labor of love continues at her newest venture, Salty Tales for Young Readers, a children's bookstore in Carlsbad Village. The store, which opened in July, sells books for infants through young adults, as well as gifts including baby blankets (handmade by McDonald's daughter, Marion), finger puppets, activity books, CDs and DVDs.

Link stolen from a blog you should be reading, Jill Stover's Library Marketing-Thinking Outside the Book.

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