Arizona Librarian To Play On Jeopardy


The Reader's Shop writes " Reports On Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005 Carol Hager, a 10 year old librarian at Thunderbird High School in Arizona will appear on the network game show Jeopary. Read more about Hager, in Jeopary lingo in this article from The Arizona Republic. Hager, of Peoria, was among Valley residents who, in April, passed the popular game show's screening test. The self-proclaimed Jeopardy fanatic became a contestant in a show taped in July. She described it as an "out-of-body experience." "


If, as stated, she's a "10 year old librarian". Child prodigy indeed! ;)


...a 10 year old librarian...

They sure do start them young out there in Arizona!

I am the librarian mentioned and I am a ten year veteran, not 10 years old.

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