Posh to write second book


Anonymous Patron writes "She doesn't read them, but she can write them? Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is reportedly planning to write a follow-up to her 2001 bestseller Learning To Fly. Fresh off of her latest triumph, being voted "Most Pointless" A source at her publisher Penguin tells British newspaper Daily Star Sunday says, "We have still one more book to get out of the deal and she is keen to write it.""


She does read books, at least starts them - but never finishes...http://www.lisnews.com/article.pl?sid=05/08/31/053 8236http://books.lisnews.com/article.pl?sid=05/08/18/1 326231http://www.lisnews.com/article.pl?sid=05/08/15/062 3208http://books.guardian.co.uk/departments/generalfic tion/story/0,6000,1550653,00.htmlOf course slashcode is inserting ' ' into them, so take those out...-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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