ALA Career Mentoring program offers librarians a chance to connect

Samantha writes "I just wanted to let LISNewsterz know about a program I'm co-chairing. The NMRT Mentoring Committee’s Career Mentoring Program focuses on long term mentoring. We will pair up "newbie librarians" with "seasoned vets" as part of a year long mentoring program. If you are interested in finding a mentor or mentee and in charting new territory with our new program, please check out our website. The deadline is Sept. 30th, and the mentoring will start in mid October."


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How about just a mentoring program?

As someone who is planning on entering the MLIS program in another year, I would love for there to be a mentoring program for people in my situation.

Re:How about just a mentoring program?

That is a very valid concern. We decided, however, with this program to focus on those in the workplace, adjusting to a first professional position.

Re:How about just a mentoring program?

We can (and often do) work around ALA. I've mentored several folks, most of them pre- or during MSLIS. What I've learned is that mentoring doesn't have to be formal or long term, and that often, the best mentoring relationships happen unexpectedly. I would be happy to be available to answer questions, or just listen.--rochelle

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