Excel Spreadsheet for Modeling Serials Budgeting --Freeware


Karl Bridges writes "Now available for free: An Excel spreadsheet designed to handle serials budgeting. Basically you put in your titles and prices by LC classification -- with publisher/call number/etc. You can then select items to cancel/add using a drop-down menu (yes/no). The totals are then automatically tabulated to show where you are e.g. total amount saved, total amount saved by call number. Basically this allows you to do "virtual cancellations/virtual additions" to model the effect of serials changes on various subject areas.
Could also be modified (or used as is) for other things like book orders. If nothing else a useful example of using the SUMIF function in Excel.
Not a complicated project, but since I already went to the effort of doing this why not share???

Download at http://www.uvm.edu/~kbridges/
Feel free to modify. If you like this please send me an email at [email protected]"

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