Most parental control software 'ineffective and difficult to use'


Computing Which?, tested six popular packages aimed at protecting children online and found they are no substitute for parents being vigilant."Software can help make the internet a safer environment for children but there's no substitute for parental involvement. Parents need to take an active role in monitoring what their children are looking at online so they don't inadvertently put them at risk."

WNUNet Has the excuses.


This article quite correctly in my opinion argues for parental involvement regarding Internet content for children.In my housing complex we have a dysfunctional family that constantly calls the policeregarding the behaviors/discipline of one of their sons. It is obvious that the police are in fact doing the parenting/discipline of the son by default.Is it the role of the librarian to perform this service of being the “temporary de-facto “parent ? (Given that filtering is not a recommended option).If not the librarian then who or what ?

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