Simmons College: PhD in Management Leadersip

The Boston Globe has an editorial about Simmons College's new grant-fueled PhD program in management leadership in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

Unfortunately, the solution isn't as simple as hiring new talent, because entry-level library jobs can still be hard to come by. The field needs bridges that help mid-tier librarians move into leadership. This means managing the complex, fast-moving world of 24-hour-a-day demands for information, from sheer facts to deep understanding.


That doesn't read like an editorial, it reads like Jim Matarazzo and Michele Cloonan wrote up a series of talking points and the Globe printed them. Simmons has a vested interest in believing in the librarian shortage, and has been steadily churning out underemployed and unemployable librarians in the face of the real *job* shortage.

Who, me, bitter?

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