First Ed. Book of Mormon Sold Page by Expensive Page


Retired bookstore owner Helen Schlie can see a higher purpose in selling her 1830 first-edition Book of Mormon one page at a time.

Schlie said she believes it will be more of a "missionary tool" since the framed pages — priced at $2,500 to $4,500 apiece — can be handed down from generation to generation. (Horror) story from USA Today and from Arizona Daily Sun , commentary by librarians, members of the church and collectors on the subject of Ms. Schlie's page-at-a-time caper.


Is a first edition of their sacred text no more than the amount of money it will bring in? Just something to be sold off as a religious souvenir?

And yes, I know, it's hardly the first time in human history that that's been done. In mediaeval Europe, there were enough splinters of the True Cross being sold to populate a forest. It's still appalling.

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