Sanford Berman's Jean Coleman Award Speech ALA June 2005

Steve Fesenmaier writes "Sandy Berman was given the Jean Coleman Award for 2005. After receiving the award he gave a speech entitled, "Classism in the Stacks: Libraries and Poverty." The posted speech should have look normal, but since Sandy's eyes were very bad while he was typing the speech, he had to type it in ALL CAPS. Despite several messages to ALA's Satia Orange, her staff has posted it ALL IN CAPS! ( I lost a $1 bet - I just didn't think they would do it.) Read the speech at - man/jeanecoleman.htm"


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I've only skimmed it so no comment on content but I have to say the all-caps and descent spacing make it the most readable online document I've seen in a while.


I uploaded a new version of it with sentence case capitalization. It took me about 45 seconds to change the font from all caps. I can't believe ALA couldn't do this. Readable version here or as text

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