Book uproar really about the readers

Here is an interesting take on the situation in Denver (previously on lisnews here) shared with us by an Anonymous Patron.

"Jim Spencer
Denver Post Staff Columnist, writes, 'The current crisis at the Denver Public Library has very little to do with pictures of naked men and women in raunchy comic books.

It has to do with fully clothed Mexicans who cross the United States border illegally. As library officials scramble to deal with thousands of illustrated novellas that depict sex and violence, it behooves everyone to remember that.'"


Actually, it's about racism. Very simply, the groups involved don't want Mexicans to learn to read - in either language. To be fair, if CAIR and the others really want immigrants to assimilate, they would encourage library patronage and awareness, since historically a public library is the PRIMARY forum by which immigrants learn how to integrate themselves into American culture (through language programs, computer access, CITIZENSHIP TEST PREPARATION - all of these are readily available at any public library throughout the United States.) Simply put: help these "illegals" assimilate - GET them to the LIBRARY!!

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