Downloading child porn is legal in Maryland

Turner writes "A court of appeals ruled this week that Maryland state law does not consider downloading child pornography a crime.The decision is based on an appeal filed by a man convicted of child porn possession after police raided his home in 2003 and discovered downloaded pictures of underage girls engaged in sex acts. "Here's The Story ....It's a good thing he didn't have a lot of P2P music in his computer...that would be illegal.""


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Um, no ...

Turner's reading of the story is incorrect. It doesn't say that downloading child porn is not a crime under Maryland law; the scumbag was also convicted of possessing child porn, and he didn't appeal that one. What the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled is that the law against using a computer to depict or describe a minor in a sex act applies only to creating child pornography, so the conviction under that statute was overturned.

Here's a PDF of the Court's opinion.

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