National Library Service, Library of Congress Talking Books Program

Stephanie Holbrook writes "Talking Books helps people of all ages whose low vision, blindness or physical handicap makes reading a standard printed page difficult and has helped participants in the program read seven times more than the average reader, or approximately 35 books a year!

The Talking Books program can be equated to a program similar to the online video renting service, Netflix, except at no cost to the patron. Through NLS' national network of cooperating libraries, books and magazines on cassettes and in braille, as well as audio equipment, are mailed straight to people's door, free of charge. Patrons can then keep their orders for as long as necessary and can order as many as they wish. This service offers a much needed way for millions of Americans stay connected, and allows them to continue to read, learn and enhance the quality of their lives.
For a directory of cooperating local libraries participating in the Talking Books program and for enrollment information, interested individuals can call 1-888-NLS-READ (1-888-657-7323) or go to Our Web Site."


are not just for the visually impaired - they can also be requested by people who have difficulty holding a book (with the doctor's certification.) This is a great program, but far from new...

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