The End User: E-books spur sales

International Herald Tribune says for every breathless proclamation of some exciting advance in the world of e-books, there seems to be a more sober announcement of some setback.Some authors have concluded that the best way to make money through e-books is to give them away.


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It's the niche markets...

...that are making the money in e-books. If you look at the best-selling fiction books that first appeared in e-format, I'd bet the majority of them have significant erotic content. According to ReferenceUSA, Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (, an e-publishing company which has been in business since 2000, has an annual estimated sales of $500,000 to $1 million. I'd bet that it's probably hit over $1 million within the last year as the trade paperback editions of their books (those are released at least 6 months after the electronic format) have been distributed by the Borders Group for that entire period.

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