Closing Bookshops and Websites in Britain


kathleen writes "Blair will seek new powers to close down places of worship used to foment extremism and deport any foreigner who actively engages with extremist bookshops or websites.
Authorities will draw up a list of extremist websites, bookshops, and organizations, and that involvement with them could serve as a trigger to deport foreign nationals."


If a bookstore is found to be distributing books designed to aid terrorism by preaching hate and violence, in no way should that be considered as a form of legitimate free speech. Unfortunately, in this day and age, and especially in London, the prevention of terrorism and loss of life, is now a paramount concern, and if law enforcement is finding these bookshops serve to aid terrorism they have the obligation to thwart their aim.

And the lady from the provinces, who dresses like a guy, And who "doesn't think she dances, but would rather like to try"; And that singular anomaly, the lady novelist -- I don't think she'd be missed -- I'm sure she'd not be missed! --Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, in The Mikado; less well-known verses of They'll None Of 'Em Be Missed

I don't have any more faith in Blair than I have in Bush I look at this being another act in the erosion of civil liberties; I have no doubt that the "extremists" who'll be targeted will consist primarily of those who won't kiss the British government's ass.

Here's an article from the Telegram. Bohica.

In fact if it was just about books I might be concerned but these guys are literally going out and saying "Hey we need to start killing Jews again". Are we supposed to engage these people and create a dialog? "Well, we don't like killing Jews. We do however have a nice fox hunting sport. Care to try? Nice red jacket... you know you wanna..."

I don't see it working.

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