Filtering Internet in Public Libraries


Jamie over at slashdot continues to report from the belly of the beast, Holland, MI. Checkit out here

At the League of Women Voters meeting in Holland\'s library on Monday night, I felt like I\'d walked into a ridiculous play, perhaps one like George Bernard Shaw\'s Heartbreak House.Monday night\'s meeting at the library was an informational forum arranged by the League of Women Voters. It opened with a detailed talk by a lawyer about exactly what the local ballot initiative means in legal terms, which was interesting to me but which many attendees found tedious. Oddly enough, the first item on his agenda was the First Amendment, which he simply skipped as too complicated. In the final analysis, of course, it may be the only legal issue of any importance.

After a half-hour of careful explanation, the co-chair of one of the local pro-filtering groups took her turn at the lectern, and began her talk by listing the organizations that were for and against filters in libraries. Those in favor: 2500 local signers of the petition, the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, our beloved governor John Engler, her group Holland Area Citizens Voting Yes, several Republican groups I didn\'t catch, and I think she would have mentioned Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy and Mother Theresa if they weren\'t dead.

The groups against filters? The Gay/Lesbian Alliance, and Feminists For Free Expression - who, she was careful to point out, believes that the proper response to \"bad porn\" is \"good porn.\"

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