Navy drops by for story time

Seems like more people are getting interested in story hour!

Source: Defense Department

Naval Recruiting District Michigan Commanding Officer Cmdr. Paul Gardner reads the classic children's story "The Sailor's Dog" to children at the Detroit Public Library's Skillman branch in Michigan on July 21, 2005. Sailors came to the library to read stories to local children and their families as a part of the "Navy Day" festivities in Detroit.

The Defense Department invites people to send an electronic postcard of this event.

I realize that some people may be bothered by this photo, but I think we should be celebrating any group that helps literacy along with read alouds.


There is no nudity, no violence, no obscenity, no vulgarity.

Why would people be offended by a Naval officer reading to children? My father was an Army officer as was my grandfather. I'm their service is why I'm not writing this in Korean or German.

Just because someone may disagree with an administration policy about the war in Iraq does not taint everyone in uniform. I really doubt President Bush is calling Detroit and asking the Naval officers stationed there about foreign policy.

I think Wal*Mart sucks, but that doesn't make me hate the greeter.

OK I'll agree that Korean was hyperbole.

the sailor holding a copy of Heather Has Two Mommies.

And just how is that supposed to be relevant? The value in propaganda is not just in what is said, but also in how it is presented. And with images, nothing at all need be said. The shiny white-suits didn't need explication, all they needed was to bedazzle and entice.

>specific individuals who shame their uniform and nationWHY DO YOU HATE AMERICAYOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST USSUPPORT OUR TROOPSBrittney sez that, "I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes and should just support that, you know."DO YOU THINK UR BETTER THAN HER CHUMP

We have had submissions with photos and I've always deleted them.

Image magnification of Blake's photo shows the sailor holding a copy of Heather Has Two Mommies.

No no, not at all. There's no policy. Just hasn't been done before, that's all.We (the authors and othere LISNewsterz) can talk about it if people think it's important.

I would be. I find it highly offensive that your murderous, fascist regime has blackmailed schools into allowing the recruitment of child-soldiers by witholding funding from those schools that won't allow recruiting of elementary students, and now is using the glamour of spiffy dress-whites to bedazzle and entice children -- real children, not just legal minors -- into throwing their lives away for a cupful of oil before they'll even be allowed to vote. This is an obscenity.

And soldiers do have the option of refusing to obey what they believe is an unlawful command. Nor is, "I was just following orders" an acceptable excuse. So I do condemn those sailors for their wilfull complicity in such crimes against humanity.

I didn't realize there was a blanket ban on pictures on the LISNews home page. Normally I'd never post a picture on the home page because it would be a screaming copyright violation.I thought it would be ok in this instance because the Defenselink page said the photo was public domain and could be used as long as I sourced the Defense Department on it.The reason why I thought some people MIGHT be bothered by the picture is because while the recruiters certainly aren't trying to recruit the children they're reading to, it is a possibility that they're looking for opportunities to recruit young adults who may or may not have brought their kids to story hour. While I believe the recruiters would have the right to do so, others MIGHT consider it a "militarization" of the library environment.Aside from that, I just thought it was a great picture.If its LISNews policy not to allow public domain library-related photos on the front page as part of its no photos policy, I will do one of two things in the future:

  1. Post the photo in my journal
  2. Merely post a link with a photo description.

Again apologies both my ignorance of authoring policy and for overestimating people's sensitivity. Thanks to Blake for resizing it and leaving it on the page.

I'm not bothered by the picture or its content, but I do hate it when people -- politicians, especially -- use doing warm fuzzy cutesy things with/for kids as photo ops.-- zanne

I don't think there are many of us (at least I hope not!) who're bothered by the picture, other than maybe Blake's issues with server space (so you don't use smileys either, Blake).

MD's right on this one (that is, "correct"): Disagreeing with a foreign policy or the use of our armed services is quite different than being offended by or putting down those who are in the armed services. The latter is really unfortunate, except for specific individuals who shame their uniform and nation, and the story teller doesn't seem to be in that tiny category.

Yeah, for all the concerns about some of the tactics the DOD has been pursuing in their efforts to meet their quotas, I think we can be pretty sure Cmdr. Gardner is not attempting to recruit the toddler reading-group set. He's just reading to them, and maybe making reading-group a little more exciting for some of them.

(While your point about German is completely valid--Korean? We were in Korea to keep the communists from getting the [whole] country. Even in the most feverish versions of the Domino Theory, Korea was never a direct threat to us. Your father and my younger uncles who served there helped spare the South Koreans a far worse regime than their own, and helped improve the overall US security situation. That's worthy service, and doesn't need silliness about saving us from speaking Korean to justify it.)

At first.But not because of the Naval Officers.1. There's a picture on the LISNews homepage (gasp!). Something we never do.2. It was too big3. It's not on our server.First I wanted to take it off, but I thought about it and just made it appear smaller. I'm still not sure I like pictures up there, maybe it's something we could use more of, maybe not. Probably something we should at least think about, boingboing does it so well, but the last thing I want to do is photoshop a picture for every story.I would've thought Daniel was thinking along the same lines, it would never even occur to me to even that someone would be bothered because it's a guy in uniform. But I can't read minds, unfortunatly.Speaking of men in uniform... Seems like a good idea for local Police officers as well.

There's this pattern for you (Tomeboy) about anything to do with gay/lesbian issues that hints real big about insecurity. Real big. Seems to get just bigger all the time. Maybe you should have a little talk with yourself and find out what's really going on.

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