Don't Know Much about History


Rock star historian David McCullough spoke to a Senate hearing last month about the sorry state of history education in America.

McCullough said at the hearing that the problem starts with the training that teachers receive. "Too many have degrees in education," he said, "and don't really know the subject they are teaching."

The rest of this David Broder/WaPo column is here.


In the same article Broder also mentions that Sen. Lamar Alexander observed that the Florida legislature had recently passed a bill permitting students to graduate from high school without taking a single history course.
Florida's historians have had to struggle..first Jeb Bush attempted to give away the state's history and now the lack of required history in schools. The state deserves a governor who will work to preserve its history; not allow U.S. history to disappear from graduation standards. The effort to save the state library drew energy and resources from developing better services and collections.

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