Scan This: Are You Ready for ISBN-13?

From our friends @ Shelf-Awareness :

This Thursday, July 28, from 2-3 p.m., the Book Industry Study Group holds its next Webinar--or Web seminar--on ISBN-13, called "Are you ready for ISBN-13?"

During the live event, held via a conference call and simultaneous Web presentation, several experts on ISBN-13 explain what ISBN-13 is, why it's coming and how to prepare for it. A Q&A period is included. Participation costs $35 to cover costs. Several previous ISBN-13 Webinars reached librarians and booksellers in the past. For more information on the upcoming webinar, go to the Book Industry Study Group's Web site.


Might be helpful: ISBN-13 for Dummies, a 17-page downloadable booklet.


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