Library Cats

Susan Hill writes \"Greetings! Our library recently was moved in upon by a Mama Cat and her five kittens. All five kittens have been adopted, but Mama remains. Cats in public libraries are not a new phenomenon. In fact, there is a web site devoted to the literary feline.

Thought this might be a fun time to take a break from it all and have fun with some library kitties.\"

You can check out a pic of her cat, and the rest of the story, below. Feel free to ad your own!\"Mama Cat waltzed in to our staff room on Friday, October 13, 2000. We had the back door propped open for fresh air. She scouted our place out and then proceeded to move in her kittens. Well, the staff adopted the family, had to bottle feed one kitten, and then put all kittens up for adoption. We had a patron give us a generous donation to help with her vet care. Kids have been seen hauling her around the library. She doesn\'t mind in the least. She\'s a very patient kitty. Her favorite hang out is on the large stuffed lady bug in the children\'s room. She also frequents the magazine section. Basically she\'ll just sprawl out where and when the mood hits her.

At night she sleeps in the boiler room where it is nice and cozy. But, during our open hours she has free run of the building.

Susan N. Hill, Director/Editor
Paulding County Carnegie Library
Rural Library Services Newsletter

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