Coalition Formed To Push Parental Control Of Entertainment

Redcardlibrarian writes "A new coalition has been formed, dubbed Pause, Parent, Play, designed to educate parents about taking control of what their kids listen to and watch in the world of entertainment. The coalition is backed by Senators Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and encompasses many entertainment companies, including Viacom, the RIAA, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Comcast, Microsoft and the National Cable And Telecommunications Association, among other partners. The campaign aims to "empower parents to choose what their kids watch, hear and play - from TV and movies to video games and music," according to their Web site,


Hmm, what a radical idea. To actually get the parents to monitor what their kids are watching and hearing. Imagine that, forming a coalition to advocate something that parents should be doing anyhow. It's called parenting, and every responsible parent should be doing it. While I am all for anything that helps parents do their job better, I cannot help but be sceptical if such a thing as this is necessary. It sounds like the makings of another group telling some (other than their own kids) what they can or not watch. However, I am willing to wait and see. What do the people out there think?

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