Will our grandchildren remember J.K. Rowling?


Anonymous Patron writes "Colby Cosh Asks Will our grandchildren remember J.K. Rowling? It comforts him to consider whether our grandchildren will have any idea who J.K. Rowling was -- it's a fairly safe bet they won't. He also asks what are we supposed to make of a billionairess who sets the Dementors of litigation on the very people who made her rich?"


There are so many books thave made an impact on readers lives. I Robot, Old Yeller, 1984, Farenheit 451, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe are all wonderful books and while they reach to different types of readers, they are generally familiar to all. J.K. Rowling will be remembered not only for her impact on the literary world but also for the fact that she is a major reason children are reading today. I still remember my first major chapter books, The Curious Clubhouse and Little Lord Fauntleroy.

It also seems to be that actors/authors/singers who create quite a stir in the religious community are also remembered for a long time such as the famous line by John Lennon that they were more "more popular than Jesus".

like he's just jealous.
As to whether our grandchildren will remember her who knows? How much of the 'classic fiction' we read is only there because it's been part of the education system or someones classed it as being the best ever in the media ever since?
How many top 10 best ever music charts everhave you seen for music where The Beatles are No 1, or top 10 best book charts where things you've never heard of but which are considered the highlight of literary brillance are No 1?
How much of it is just snobbishness? Going by that article quite a lot of it.

I am with you about Harry's future as a literary staple. But you lost me about the Beatles. For one, Bruce Springsteen won best song ever (Thunder Road) on my local station's contest last year. I, of course, voted for Imagine. I assume you would only defame the Beatles publicly as flamebait. :)

Generally, I am against "ranking" artistic creations. Best sculpture ever? Best poem? I always like checking out books I have never heard of that are considered literarily brilliant. Some of them are, to my mind; some of them are not. But I will keep checking out (literally) in hope!

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