Some copies of new Harry Potter book misprinted reports Some Harry Potter fans may have found it difficult to decipher the boy wizard's latest adventure.

An unknown number of first edition copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were released with upside-down covers and sideways type.

While Chicago Sun-Times reports some copies of the latest Harry Potter book are missing the first chapter, according to Scholastic, publisher of the fantasy series.


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Can you say $$$?

Imagine how much one of these misprinted books would go for on the memorabilia market if it were signed by J. K. Rowling herself. (See 1990 Topps Frank Thomas baseball card, where his name was not printed on the front.)

Re:Can you say $$$?

Oh I wish I had a copy, how lovely for the collectors in a few years!

Re:Can you say $$$?

Those were my thoughts exactly. I get the feeling a lot more people will be wondering how much money they can get rather than the "tragedy" of a book with errors in it. I personally don't read them (ok, you can all shudder now), but I am wishing I had one of those copies too. E-bay anyone? Best.

Re:Can you say $$$?

Alas, I am one of those out here in library land who was hooked from the beginning! I agree with you, the "tragedy" is it is taking away from the focus of reading.

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