Price Wars Round the World for Harry VI


You can't get your hands on it (except you librarians and booksellers, but mum's the word), but it's getting cheaper and cheaper to acquire a copy of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" as we get closer to its release on July 16th.

Story from South Africa about reduced prices for Harry in a Cape Town chain store (where the as-yet-released title is called a 'loss leader'), as well as a world-wide round-up (Britain, US, UK, Canada) on cut-rate copies of the book.

And here, from today's copy of the Shelf-Awareness newsletter, a note from Australia about how you hear the book in its entirety FOR FREE:

    "Once Harry Potter goes on sale in Australia (at 9:01 a.m. local time Saturday), a Brisbane FM radio station will broadcast a reading of the book in its entirety. Celebrities, locals and Potter fans will take turns reading 10-minute passages of the book from in front of a Borders. The station received permission to do the reading from the Christopher Little agency, which required that the reading be continuous, for nonprofit use and not recorded."
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