Obama fears 'Big Brother' over our shoulders

If the U.S. government resorts to rifling through library records without a search warrant, libraries will no longer be sanctuaries of learning where people can freely think and read, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama told the American Library Association Saturday. More, at The Chicago Sun-Times


Obama is preaching to the choir. I'm fairly sure he can count on the support of the majority of the ALA members in his district.

The cops don't care what books you checked out. What probative value could that possibly have, we are a nation founded on the freedom of thought. I've read books that would have been seditious in other countries.

What law enforcement does want is suspicious communications. Messages to Osama, a dozen one way tickets cross-country all issued to Saudi passport holders, things like that. Computer mediated communication that takes place at public computers in libraries has been used to plan criminal conspiracies against the United States.

If people don’t want their communications exposed to the scrutiny of law enforcement under the USA PATRIOT Act they can simply buy a home computer and stop using public computers. The government doesn’t want an abrogation of rights, but a level playing field. If terrorists can use resources paid for by American taxpayers then we should be able to look over their shoulder if we have reasonable suspicion that they are up to no good.

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