Library Elf: Keeping Tabs on Your Library Materials


ELF is a web-based and email tool for library users to keep track of their library borrowings. Think of ELF as a personal assistant, whose task is to help one keep track of what one has on loan from the library.

Designed with the busy and avid library user in mind, ELF is ideal for families with multiple library cards or for individuals (writers, researchers, students, readers, etc.) who have cards from different libraries.

Via Mefi


Jenny's written about Library Elf on The Shifted Librarian a couple times, I think, in the context of expressing shame/disgust/outrage that we're not demanding that our ILS vendors build these functions into their software.

The automation consortium my library's in has been on Elf for quite a few months; the advance email notices of due dates are great. We warn cardholders that they'd be giving their library account info to an outside company and suggest that they read Elf's privacy policy, etc., before signing up. But Jenny's right: Our cardholders shouldn't *have* to go to Elf to get Elvish conveniences.

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