ALA Conference


Anonymous Patron writes "The 2005 Annual Conference will be held in Chicago, IL from June 23-29, 2005. The exhibits will be held June 25-28,
2005 in the McCormick Place Convention Center.
ALA Conference WIKI featuring a link to folks who are blogging the



I also wanted to point out the "Stories, Photos, Reports" section of the wiki at... =Conference_Reports ...where you will find an index of conference sessions and events (that you can also edit). We invite you to add your notes, comments, reports, photos, presentation slides, blog links, etc. to the page for the corresponding session or event. In this way, we're hoping to "gather up" a history of the conference from as many points of view as possible -- for the benefit of folks at home as well as attendees.

The WIKI is great!Maybe keep LisNews informed of any poppingnews or events by sending us a daily?alert of places or blogs to look at onthe weekey web.

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