Boy, 8, is inspiration, mastering every Braille book the school has

The Buffalo News reports on Jose Gonzalez who has now read every Braille book the school has.Interim School Superintendent Yvonne Hargrave described Jose as an "an inspiration to his classmates" and called his reading log "an exceptional accomplishment."


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Lets send this kid some books

I wrote the reporter to see if he could tell me what the school does have.

Dear Mr. Simon,
I am a librarian in Florida and a former Buffalonian. Your story was linked to, a website run by a Buffalo area librarian Blake Carver.
Would you be able to get a list of the books that Jose's school has in Braille, or a contact for the school librarian? I would like to send a few more along, and I bet some other librarians would too. We would want to avoid duplicating those the school already has.

I'll send a couple of books up to this kid's school so if they send a list I'll post it somewhere in case anyone else wants to send this kid a book too.

Sometimes being a librarian is fun.

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