MA Library backers raise thousands for branches

Inspiring News from MA, where supporters of Wellesley's two endangered branch libraries will present at least $48,000 in donations in the hopes of keeping the Wellesley Hills and Fells buildings open for one more year.The contributions -- collected over the past two weeks in a flurry of fund-raising, were approaching 70 percent of the $66,000 needed to keep the branches open another year, Chris Cannon, chairman of the Committee to Save the Wellesley Branch Libraries, said Thursday, adding that he hoped that a weekend push could bring them near the top.


First impressions.New Broadway at Antrim Street Cambridge Public Library., +02139 Friendly at entrance.. Warm greeting by painter and library assistant.. Welcoming at book return counter in entrance hall.. Good selection of DVDs.. Need a stool to browse upper shelves. Need to crouch down inconveniently for lower shelves. Browsing would be more convenient for most DVDs
    by stacking so the containers could be read
    without having to crane your neck. Exciting selection of new nonfiction books.. Pleasant room for childrens books, young adults books. Reference Room door closed. Unwelcoming.. Reference desk librarian expression unwelcoming comportment.. Internet Computers room door closed. Unwelcoming.. Stacks in the gymnasium.. Climbing rope stored overhead. Is the climbing rope frayed?. Visiting staff of other libraries unwelcoming toward others.. Some staff more concerned with welcoming each other than
    a few library users looking around.. Navigating. Navigating signage not good.. Diagram. Map. Not an attractive graphical diagram.. Diagram should have a table of contents listing departments.. Wrong floor plan on weblink at Behind the scenes. Backstage information should be available.. What's going on in the other rooms on the other floors?. Support services, administrative services et al.Collaborative bloga guide to problematical library use l_library_use

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