Big Bro Wants Easier Access to Your Net Records


David H. Rothman writes "If you like the Patriot Act, you'll love a proposal to require Internet providers to keep their records on your Net use for a minimum period of time. Bizarre. I thought WE had won the Cold War. It's as the Internet somehow got invented for the convenience of the KGB. (From CNet)


Its why we don't run into things like this:

On June 7, the European Parliament voted by a show of hands to adopt Alvaro's report and effectively snub the mandatory data retention plan. But the vote may turn out to have been largely symbolic: The Council of Justice and Home Affairs ministers have vowed to press ahead with their data retention requirement.

Its one article based on the actions of one department doing what its supposed to do which is look for effective ways to fight crime. Its not law yet, I don't see it becoming law, but if you feel that strongly about it call your Congressman and explain why you think its a bad idea and try not to sound like a big sissy when you do it. We won the Cold War because we had the stronger hand not the whiniest voice.

Nah, it's because we had a bigger credit card and outspent the suckers.

The reason we had the stronger hand was and continues to be attributed to our system of government that values citizen’s rights to voice their concerns. Indeed whining about government is seen as not just a right but a duty of citizenship - it's those who do nothing to voice their opinions that make the union weaker through their absence in the whining about someone who's whining about someone who just might whine - do I get to be the biggest sissy? Pretty Please?

Did I say not to complain? No. I said no whining. Here's an issue still in relative infancy. Everyone's always calling for reasonable discourse, here's your chance to speak out in a reasonable way while there's still lots of time on the clock.

To clarify - it was the presumption that someone complaining would be whining that I found whiny.

It was also less than reasonable to invoke the sissy canard. Reasoned debate doesn't start with with attempts to demean others who might expess an opinion. That's usually a prescription to stifle debate.

Tell it to whoever posted the article. Big Brother, Cold War, KGB, all in one posting. A threefer!

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