School Librarian to Be Replaced by Computer Teacher

Anonymous Patron writes "Think you're having a bad day at work? Unless your name is John Perkins it could probably be worse. The Kenneth Brett School school board in New Hampshire eliminated the librarian postion April 13. The school plans to hire a computer teacher and a library aide instead.

School officials say they have to hire a computer teacher to meet the state's tough computer curriculum standards. The school hasn't met the state's information technology guidelines for the past two years and has been operating under conditional approval for its program.
Fosters Online Has The Story"


Why is it that it's always the librarian who must be fired to make way for a new computer position? Next time, how 'bout an administrative position gets cut? Or--I know, let's get rid of those expensive, elitist, serves-5%-only varsity sport programs.No, wait, THAT would be too sensible...

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