Republicans Criticize PATRIOT Act

Daniel writes "The libertarian Cato Institute has an item on some conservative leaders who are speaking out against the PATRIOT Act renewal and the secret markup by the Senate Intelligence Committee.Moral of passing USAPA: "If you give a mouse a cookie...""


how come everybody seems to know about it?

That's quite a feat, pulling the Jedi Mind Trick on yourself.

You know. Secret. Like the members of the Vice President's energy task force. The fact that it was selected members of the energy industry is well known. The details about which ones, and how much authorial input they had; that's what's being kept from public scrutiny.

The prisoners in Gitmo. No denying that they're there. Their identities and what specifically they are charged with is none of your business. Why don't you go back to shopping, thank you very much.

Thanks for your observations Anonymous. Why don't YOU come out and show yourself??? (give an identity).

I have no problem with 40% or so of the PATRIOT act, the other 60% makes a Tea Party look like an underreaction.

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