Lawsuit targets Utah's Internet porn law


Fang-Face writes "A lawsuit has been filed against a Utah law requiring the compililation of a list of Internet sites that include content that is "harmful to minors." Internet service providers are then required to block access to those sites. The suit was filed on Thursday, 09 Jun; among the plaintiffs are:

A group of bespectacled independent bookstore owners, a soft-spoken artist, two small Internet service providers, Mountain Wireless Utah LLC, Computer Solutions International Inc., the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah, the Association of American Publishers, the American Booksellers Association, the Sexual Health Network, and the Utah Progressive Network

Read all about it at:

the Star Tribune

The Washington Post

Declan McCullough column at CNET

the Daily Herald of Provo."


And I was hoping to get a juicy list via a FOIA request to start-up my free online pr0n company. And of course, lure in the cute HS seniors to a non-filtered household [joke people!].-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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