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The new director of library relations at Elsevier, Tony McSean, has admitted that it needs to improve relationships with information professionals, and is calling for a new era of co-operation.



I've known Tony for ten years, and he is a very experienced, very dedicated librarian. Although not as well known in the States, he is held in very high regard by his colleagues in the UK and Europe. While I remain rather sceptical about Elsevier's motivations in creating the position that he holds, I take it as a mark of their sincerity that they hired someone like Tony -- a man of great integrity who will not hesitate to speak his mind, either to his librarian colleagues or to his superiors at Elsevier. Naturally, his friends have ragged him relentlessly on "going over to the dark side" but he believes that librarians and the big publishers really do need to work as partners, and that he can do something to rebuild that trust. I think that if anyone can, it's going to be someone with the experience, skills, and honesty of Tony McSean. Oh, and he has an absolutely wicked sense of humor.

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