Posting Tutorial for LISNews Submissions


Here are a couple of quick formatting tips to help make your LISNews submission more immediately postable. We don't mind making your stories more readable, but sometimes a story will sit in the submission queue for quite awhile because it needs a lot of fixing up.

When entering a link, you can give it a short name, like the website where it came from, by using this easy bit of html code. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to create a link.

Here's one for making paragraph breaks. If you submit a longer piece, without the paragraph tag, it will post as one big chunk of text without any breaks. Those are the two most basic and helpful bits of code used here. Email me or post a comment if you need additional help. lisrochelle at gmail dot com.


Thanks for the lesson oh great and powerful wizard of LisNews...this will make it much easierto post...might be a good idea to make this a permanent link (if you haven't already) in the Suggest Story...section so we can refer to it 4-ever.

That's a request for Blake, but I'm sure he'll read this. Right, Blake? Hmmm?

Anything else it would be helpful to post on? I know that when I first came to LISNews, I found it a little hard to figure stuff out--slash interface is not the easiest to dig through for basic info.

Rochelle, the Great and Powerful LISard (heh)

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