is the great equalizer among authors


Interesting One From The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on Amazon. Author Mark Hare says Amazon is a great equalizer. Anybody can get any book with a few keystrokes. Making customers aware of it, of course, is up to the marketers. The No. 1 seller on Amazon, for many weeks now, is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth in J.K Rowling's series. It won't even be available until July.


With two dozen books and 26 years of writing for young adults behind her, Vivian Vande Velde, of Greece, finds the reviews helpful — in terms of learning the language kids are using and what they care about. But fortunately, "not many of my books are assigned reading," because that leads to reviews from "very disgruntled young people" who didn't want to read the book in the first place.
I have noticed what this person is talking about. Kids that have been assigned books to read in junior high and high school wil go on and comment about the books. What I think is interesting is that the books were probably not purchased through Amazon but distributed in class but still the students go and leave online feedback about the books.
We know have a generation of kids that have never known a world without Amazon. Where from there living room they can find out about hundreds of thousands of books. Librarians and booksellers need to embrace the online world and see how we can shape it to be the best it can be because the past is not coming back.

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