Libraries to receive $61M for textbooks


Steven M. Cohen writes "From Ottowa Citizen:

"Publicly funded schools in Ontario will receive $61 million starting this fall for new textbooks and other library resources, Education Minister Gerard Kennedy said Thursday."

[My question is, what are these other "new resources" they speak of funding? - A.K.]


Textbooks are not generally the responsibility of the library, but rather the 'property' of classrooms. If the libraries are to take charge of the textbooks, and are given money for textbooks then it seems there will be little left over for library books.

It is sort of like giving the library ten million dollars for upkeep of parks and then expecting them to spend 9.99 million for the parks' upkeep.

It appears the funded items are two different line items in the proposed spending. The article lists textbooks and library materials separately. There is nothing in the article that says the libraries are in charge of the textbooks.

Well it says "Libraries to receive $61M for textbooks" I just assmued it meant that the libraries were to receive $61 million for textbooks.

Indeed it is brokend down into 4 seperate categories but if the journalist or headline writer wanted to write a useful headline without confusing the issue he would have not said libraries get 61 million for textbooks.

This announcement from the Ontario Government shows the author was over reaching with the title of the article. Libraries are NOT receiving all the money as the title makes you believe. The schools are receiving the money with a portion to go into library resources.

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