Human Rights Video Project Needed Now More Than Ever

Kathleen writes "The Human Rights Video Project, a project of the American Library Association and National Video Resources, is a national library project created to increase the public's awareness of human rights issues through the medium of documentary films. The project also encourages collaborations between public libraries and human rights advocacy organizations to present film screenings and discussion programs. Libraries hosting the series include Austin Public Library, Ephrata Public Library, and Louisville Free Public Library
. The London-based human-rights organization, Amnesty International, says respect for human rights across the world is on the slide. The 2005 annual report highlights the state of human rights in nearly 150 countries. The Human Rights Video Project is a pro-active way to initiate discussion on issues relating to human rights."


I talked about a couple of these last fall, here and here. They are less about human rights then they are a certain political viewpoint that McCook is a fan of.

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