howstuffworks: How Lightsabers Work

From howstuffworks, this should come in handy for any LISNewsters out there, fielding reference queries behind a desk somewhere on Tatooine:

How Lightsabers Work


Great site written from a Jedi engineering perspective.Be sure whoever wants to make a Star Wars lightsaber not to use flourescent lightbulbs. Two british kids were critically injured when they staged a mock battle with theirs. tsabre/index.htmlThere a lots of plans on the internet on how to make a lightsaber. If anyone has made one what plans worked best for you?Most of us geeks who want a lightsaber buy one, but the quality varries widely, and some of them are megabucks.Here's a book on all the weapons in the Star Wars Films Shin is credited with creating the glowing lightsaber blade using computer special effectsJohn Stears, John Dykstra, Richard Edlund, Grant McCune and Robert Blalack also did SW special effects and founded Industrial Light and Magic with George Lucas.Ben Burrt created the sound

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