ErgoLib - Safer Library Computing


A friend of mine sent me this link to Ergolib - Safer Library Computing. In it, you will find helpful tips on how to stay fit and trim while working at a library computer. I just live the image of the guy reading with his arm in a sling. Here are a few of the tips...
If it hurts, don\'t do it. - Pay attention to how you\'re feeling, how you\'re sitting, and what hurts.
Keep moving - stretch, wiggle, get up!
Tape up one of the many good stretch exercise sheets at your desk, next to your phone, and over the copier. Stretch while you\'re waiting, while you\'re on hold, listening to your voice mail, whatever. Set yourself a daily deadline; if you haven\'t done all your stretches by lunch, then you\'ll know what to do on your lunch hour.
Take real pictures of how you work. Get a video camera and a good friend or a tripod and tape yourself working. Keep the tape and add to it yearly. The comparisons will be enlightening.

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