IFLA Protests the Closure of Libraries in Turkmenistan


In a media release issued on Friday the 29th of April, IFLA has protested the closure of libraries and violations of human rights in Turkmenistan.
IFLA/FAIFE will follow up on the situation through our contacts. Also, the IFLA/FAIFE World Report 2005 will include a report on Turkmenistan.

The Media release is available here


The educational system is deeply affected, the curriculum concentrating on the study of the president's Rukhnama ideology, which denies any influence by civilisation, science or culture on the development of the Turkmen people.

Gee, . . . sounds just like the Christo-fanatic, anti-intellectualist savagery against evolution in the U.S. You'd think people who live in societies they tout as enlightened and free would pay attention when this sort of thing goes on and guard against letting it happen where they live. Turkmenistan has become increasing suppressive in recent years since the Taliban decamped to take refuge there. This is the slippery slope in action, folks, wake up and look at whats going on in your neighbourhood.

Book burning, banning of libraries, banning of cultural institutions and ballet, opera, circus and concerts and foreign cultural associations, along with harassment and imprisonment of intellectuals and other opponents of the government, are all examples of the severe oppression experienced by the people of Turkmenistan.

I wonder how long it will take them to get to the point where they outlaw applause and paper bags.

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