Library to halt sale of historic journals

Charles Davis writes \"The British Library has suspended sales of historic newspapers after a public outcry.
It had disposed of up to 60,000 bound volumes of newspapers in
unpublicised deals in the past four years. All the newspapers were foreign.
The library said it had not broken its legal obligation to collect and maintain
British printed material.
The library, caught out by the controversy, said yesterday that it would make
no further disposals until it had undertaken \"a complete review of microfilm copies\". The recent disposals include long runs of newspapers from most
European countries, the United States, Latin America and pre-revolutionary
Story from \"Daily Telegraph\" 24 November 2000
The library advertised 60,000 volumes in 1996. This came to light this
summer when Nicholson Baker, an American novelist, disclosed that he had
bought 7,500 volumes of American newspapers for nearly £20,000.

The library said yesterday that not all 60,000 volumes had been disposed of
yet. Many libraries across Europe had taken some and nothing had been
pulped. Lynne Brindley, the library\'s chief executive, said she wanted to
review the disposal policy of Dr Brian Lang, her predecessor. All dispersed
newspapers had been microfilmed. \"

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