Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Introduced to a Book By Its Author?


When you pick out a book at a bookshop, there are several ways of determining whether its the right book for you. You can sometimes tell by the cover, more often by the back cover, the "blurbs" and other than that, it's whatever the publisher has put into marketing the book.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the author describe the book to you say, in a minute or less? Now it IS possible, with a special device that scans the book's barcode and plays a brief video presentation, recorded by the author, about the title.

"Meet the Author" is the creation of U.K. entrepreneur David Freeman, that after five years, and plenty of periods of discouragement, has won the British Book Award for innovation. According to the website, "The video clips are NOT reviews, they are NOT written by the marketing departments of publishers - these are authors speaking from their heart - to YOU." Here's more on how the idea and the program came into being.

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