Microsoft Spends $5 Million on Chile

Bill Gates is giving $5 Million dollars get libraries in Chile hooked up to the Internet. Chile was chosen because of it has a history of open access. Read the full story from the Seattle Times.\"The program, announced Tuesday, would put an estimated 1,200 computers in the libraries and would pay for librarians\' Internet training. Microsoft Corp., which Bill Gates co-founded in 1975, will separately give $1.2 million in software.\" \"The foundation said it picked Chile to take part in the program because it has a history of encouraging open access to libraries.\"

\"Chilean President Ricardo Lagos said the program would help his country anticipate global economic changes and educate its people.\"

\"Not since the invention of printing has humanity been offered a revolution such as that represented by the Internet,\" Lagos said in a written statement.\"

\"The 300 libraries are located throughout the country, from the capital, Santiago, to outlying towns in the Patagonia mountains.\"

\"The foundation is working with Chile\'s central library organization, the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums. Training of librarians is expected to begin in July, and computer installation will follow.\"

\"The foundation has similar programs in North America and the United Kingdom. It has awarded $77 million to 5,300 libraries in the United States, according to foundation data. The libraries are in communities where at least 10 percent of the population lives in poverty.\"

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