Cites & Insights May 2005 Available

Walt writes "

Cites & Insights 5:7, May 2005, is now available for downloading. (HTML versions of most essays are also available from the home page.)

This 22-page issue includes:

  • ©3 Perspective: FMA: Watching the Way You Want: a commentary on the recently-passed Family Movie Act, part of the Family Entertainment Act of 2005.
  • Following Up: Four corrections and clarifications.
  • ©3: Balancing Rights: Comments on piracy, infringement, and P2P, DRM, and more.
  • Offtopic Perspective: Family Classics 50 Movie Pack, Part 2: 25 more old movies, including a half-silent/half-sound flick, a silent movie with speaking and sound throughout, and Fred Astaire on walls and ceiling.
  • Ethical Perspective: Weblogging Ethics and Impact
  • Session Report: ACRL 2005: Jay Weese Moll reports on "What's Next? Academic Libraries in a Google Environment"



Flying fingers alert:

The first-rate report on the Google and Academic Libraries session at ACRL was contributed by Joy Weese Moll, not Jay.

Fortunately, it's right in Cites & Insights itself!

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