E-Learning a Booming Business

I thought that this piece from Hoovers might be of interest. The number of digital textbooks continue to grow at as fast a rate as the distance learning environments. In fact...\"according to International Data Corporation, the number of students enrolled in e-learning courses is growing 30% annually and will reach 2.2 million college students in 2002. Additionally, over 80% of all higher education institutions will be offering e-learning by 2002.\"
\"As online education continues to grow, so will the need for corresponding e-learning products. \"WizeUp\'s digital textbooks and study guides provide students with powerful functionality and efficiency that is the ideal complement to an online education,\" said David Gray, CEO of WizeUp Digital Textbooks. \"This new partnership with MindEdge is perfectly in line with our ongoing e-learning efforts.\"

\"We know that people who enroll in online learning courses don\'t want to wait for their books to get started in their courses, so we are very enthusiastic about this partnership,\" said Kevin J. Berk, Director of Business Development at MindEdge. \"By combining MindEdge\'s extensive database of just-in-time online learning courses with WizeUp\'s extensive library of just-in-time books, our 30,000 members will be able to start their courses sooner and more cost effectively.\"

\"As a result of the new partnership, MindEdge will promote WizeUp\'s e-learning products throughout the MindEdge network, which provides information on more than 80,000 e-learning courses worldwide. WizeUp in turn, will feature MindEdge\'s powerful e-learning search engine at www.wizeup.com. WizeUp\'s site attracts competitive tech-savvy students--the students most likely to take online courses. Now WizeUp students will have immediate access to thousands of e-learning course offerings at Mindedge.\"

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